D&S DigiSec GmbH

expertise in digital security

Hardly any young business like ours comes along with as much experience as we do. Our two founders and executives already posess more than 40 years of technical and business expierience in IT-Security-Services, being true "IT-Natives" who joined the trade from the very start.


Therefore we are vetting our consultants, admins and developers accordingly and were able to build a workforce of highly trained professionals in the extensive field of Digital Security Services.


We are analysing your IT for security for potential risks and optimize your systems, not only to fulfill current legal standards, but also to prevent from Cyber Attacks and protect your data from misuse by third parties or even industrial espionage.

Our IT-Security-Services include:

  • Protection from Cyber-Attacks
    System optimization to protect by newest and highest standards. (Cyber Resilience)

  • Data Protection / Privacy Protection
    Governance, Risk, Compliance – Analysis and implementation as per relevant Data Protection requirements. (i.e. BSGD / DSGVO).

  • Information Security
    Innovative solutions based on our comprehensive expertise and up to date standards.

  • Security Automatization
    Automatized solutions in security management / Indirect Response.

  • Security Development Lifecycle
    Secure SDLC - Integration of agile Software Development Lifecycle into existing Security Management.

  • Mobile-Payment-Systems
    Implementation and security optimization for Mobile Payment Solutions.

  • Cloud Security
    Implementation and optimization of Cloud Services applying the highest and most up to date security standards.

  • DevSecOps
    IT-Infrastructure Security & IT-Compliance.

  • and many customized services as per our clients issues.


Technology Risk Analysis, System Architecture, IT Infrastructure, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Service-Integration,

Cloud-Security, Mobile-Payment-Solutions etc.



While constantly expanding our customer base, we are looking to reinforce our team of consultants, developers and admins with expertise in our business of IT-Security.





We are glad to answer your questions directly at hilfe@ds-digisec.com. You may also use our contact form to send us a message or contact us about your concrete issue regarding our security services.